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Justin McCorkle


  • Founder Crucial Cyber

  • Repeat Entrepreneur

  • Certified Leadership Consultant

Justin McCorkle is the Founder of Crucial Cyber, a consulting and projects practice that approaches cybersecurity from a “business first” perspective. He has had first hand involvement in numerous Incident Response cases, cyber forensics investigations, worked with cyber attorneys through various legal challenges, and is a member of the North Texas FBI Infragard Community. Justin has over 18 years of organizational leadership experience and brings that executive perspective into client cyber issues.

Justin assisted with the founding and launch of a Managed Security Services Provider and later joined the board of an international Private Equity Group seeking cyber acquisitions throughout the United States. Through these projects he developed key relationships in the industry that have allowed Crucial Cyber access to leading cyber talent and ‘out of the box’ thinking in order to reduce cyber risks. Crucial Cyber approaches cyber in a way to maximize ROI and provide legal protection in the event of an incident. 

Besides these things, Justin has authored and co-authored several books on faith and family, provided political consulting and speech writing to State and Federal politicians, and is very involved with Conscious Capitalism. He has a deep love of human liberty and is an outdoors enthusiast. Justin lives in Frisco, Texas with his wife of 17 years, Kelly, and their three children.

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