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Mark Spalding

Executive Wealth Manager

For two decades, Mark has advised high net worth individuals and families experiencing a variety of financial issues including divorce, business sales, retirement planning, and inheritance. 

Mark brings to FPA his extensive experience providing financial and wealth management advice, which in many cases includes wealth preservation and income strategies as the cornerstone of the portfolio design and construction. He takes special care to tailor each portfolio to meet the unique requirements, specific goals and objectives, and stated risk tolerance of each client. Mark is regularly engaged by other professional advisors, CPAs, and attorneys whose clients require financial advice on such matters as property division recommendations, tax and wealth preservation strategies, and asset allocation recommendations. 

Mark transitioned into being a financial advisor after many years of practicing law. In that role, he regularly worked with clients experiencing large financial transactions, noting that the all too frequent lack of effective planning for major life events left many legal clients bereft of their financial goals. Mark’s legal expertise enhances his financial advice and adds a layer of comfort to clients facing complex financial issues. By applying a proper balance of both disciplines, he more ably helps clients plan for their futures and build portfolios that account for taxes and estate planning laws. 

Outside of work, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He’s served on the boards of several non-profit organizations focused on veterans and children. He is an avid athlete, having played college football at UCLA, but he has since replaced his cleats with snowboard boots, golf clubs, and a fishing pole.  Mark is a former Marine Corps officer who deeply values integrity, honesty, and loyalty in his relationships.

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