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What is Dermpath On Demand?

With the advances in teaching technologies and the American Board of Dermatology embracing digital reading for the dermatopathology component of the board exam, the timing is perfect to launch Dermapth101.  "Why spend your valuable time and money traveling to a board review or other training when we can offer a high-quality training experience from the comfort of your own home", said Dr. Cockerell from Dallas, TX.


What is the cost of the Digital Board Review (DBR)?

Thanks to the generous support of our industry partners, there is no cost associated with the DBR.  Thank you, industry partners!  Be sure to check out their services (websites.)

Do I need to register for the DBR?

To make the process as simple as possible, you do not need to register for the DBR.  Our only request is to check out our industry partners' services.  Without their support, hosting a complimentary DBR would not be a reality.

Dermpath On Demand | Study at Home.

How many cases do you plan to present at the DBR?

​There will be ~60 high-quality e-slides to read, be quizzed on, and reviewed.  All cases were hand-selected by Dr. Cockerell and are a good representation of the cases that could be presented on the board exam.  We will also have an additional ~40 self-paced cases with a detailed answer key to test your knowledge base.

Will the case review be recorded?

Yes, Dr. Cockerell's in-depth case review will be recorded and will be made available for all participants. 

Note:  The self-paced "S1 - S40" cases will not be discussed.


Where can I find additional educational content?

From the Dermpath101 homepage, click on the Dermpath On Demand Library.  At the library, you can view all e-slides and associated training videos.  If Mom calls, tell her you are at the library!

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